Home Theater

Create the ultimate home theater system

home theater

Home Theater

With your home theater system one click allows the lights to dim, the blinds to close, and the Blu-ray you’ve been wanting to see, starts to appear on your 150″ projection screen. Control the media players, lighting, screen masking, and more from the comfort of your seat.

Home Theater: is a theater built in a home, designed to mimic (or exceed) commercial theater performance and feeling, more commonly known as a home cinema. Today, home cinema implies a real "cinema experience" at a private home.

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Our Automation Services

Lighting Control

Control lights individually, by room, by zone, or for the entire home, indoor and outdoor.

Blind Control

Blinds and draperies can be controlled individually, by room, or as a whole.

Climate Control

Control the temperature of a room, or as the home as a whole. Save money on utilities.

Home Audio

Play or Stream different music to each room, or to entire home. Enjoy your favorite music.

Media Distribution

Distribute video from multiple sources to each TV or projector in you home.

Home Theater

One click on the mobile device app and the lights lower, the blinds close, and the Blu-ray starts.


Keep your home safe and secure. Control smart door locks, garage doors, and other points of ingress.

Video Surveillance

Cameras are an effective deterrent against crime. Keep track of your home with a surveillance system.